clay is hard to work with


christmas time


recently i got inspired to start making more clothes. so today i made this shawl/vest thing thats inspired by something i saw in japan.


this is part of a design project for school


some of the adventures i've been having recently
camping in the pouring rain under a tarp


jellyfish parade
i came across a jellyfish parade on my way to the abandoned power station up the Indian Arm last week.


i'm starting to go through all my pictures from japan and posting the ones i like.
here is this weeks update.
top, my friend alice
middle, matsumoto castle
bottom, a friend i made when i first arrived in toyohashi. i can't remember her name.


i never got to see gundam fully operational, but i was still happy to see it once before i left japan
o(^^o) (o^^)o


heres one more before i go to bed
old man on a hand loom

its been a long time, i apologize
here is a picture of some umbrellas to make up for it



haikyo house in toyohashi

i visited an abandoned house in toyohashi today.

this is the entrance i used to get inside

the front door is somewhere back there behind all the rubbish.
i didnt bother trying to get to it.

when i got here i realized this might have been some sort of dental or medical clinic in the past.

i opened one of the metal cases.


a friend of mine pointed this place out to me after i told him i was interested in haikyo(abandonments). it turns out its only a few blocks away from my apartment in toyohashi. i was amazed at how much junk had been stuffed into this place, every room, every inch of the whole building if full of crap. there wasnt a single dot of floor to bee seen anywhere. there was a lot of amazing stuff inside, but there was so much more i could never see because its buried under heaps of trash.
this place was pretty exciting but it was also a little scary. if your afraid of spiders(like me) you might think twice before visiting. this place isnt for the faint of heart.

king spider




this is sakura season in japan
i made a trip with some friends to the river above, it was really nice, we had a picnic, skipt rocks, climbed trees and at the end decided to jump in the river


one more
me being a tourist in kyoto